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The Opioid Epidemic Is Real And The Numbers Are Shocking

Opioid related Deaths Jan 2016 to Dec 2018
1 %
of overdoses involved fentanyl
Canadians Die per day

Source: Government of Canada National Report: Apparent Opioid-related Deaths in Canada

Current Replacement Therapies Are Not The Answer.
We Need A New Option.

Of All New Options Considered, Ibogaine Has the Most Data and Best Results.

Universal Ibogaine Is Bringing The World's Leading Expertise In Medically Supervised Treatment To Canada And the world.

Successful Treatments to Date and Counting


Ibogaine is a plant based drug from the West Coast of Africa. It’s therapeutic psychotropic effects have been studied extensively for many years. Nearly every study has shown remarkable success in the treatment of opioid and polysubstance abuse.

For Treatment

Under strict, trained medical supervision, detoxification with ibogaine is nearly pain-free, relatively quick and sure. Most importantly, it leaves a patient clean and craving free, making a complete and lasting rehab far more possible.

The Hope That Ibogaine Offers Is Real.

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About Us

We are dedicated group of Canadian citizens who have formed a private company, Universal Ibogaine, Inc. to bring ibogaine to Canada to combat the scourge of  opioid and polysubstance abuse. We are working with Clear Sky Recovery, the worlds’ most expert and experienced ibogaine treatment team. Together we are investing our energy, experience, resources and time in the hope of making ibogaine addiction treatment a reality for all of Canada. We recognized from the outset that we could not make the promise of ibogaine a reality without the help and assistance of the government of Canada and Health Canada. We have been reaching out to officials at every level — Federal Province by Province, right down to municipal levels. 

Current State Of Affairs

We’ve made significant progress to date, but barriers still remain. The biggest hindrance is ibogaine’s current status as a psychedelic non-approved drug (put in a bit of history – they rewire brain in healthy way).  The science and compelling evidence is real, but has yet to undergo traditional drug testing. The reason is simple: the same properties that make ibogaine so effective make traditional clinical trials difficult if not impossible.

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The costs of opioid and polysubstance abuse are great, and the pain and suffering to families and communities immeasurable.

The hope that ibogaine offers is real. It’s effectiveness is proven. All that is needed is the willingness to take the next steps, and allow that hope to become a promise and a reality.

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