Management Team

Shayne Nyquvest

Chairman & Director

Shayne Nyquvest has over 30 years in investment banking, finance, M&A and leadership experience having served as the President of Jordan Capital, Vice President of Mackie Research Capital and Investment Advisor at Canaccord Wealth Management.

Until now, there has been no resource to combat opioid addiction that has as high a success rate as Ibogaine. It is the mission of Shayne Nyquvest and his team to continue to undertake research and provide safe and effective treatment solutions that help people affected by opioid addiction and bring relief to the millions affected by this crisis.

Patrick K. Kroupa

President & Director

Patrick Kroupa is an ibogaine treatment expert and is involved in formulating and implementing the strategic plan for Universal Ibogaine franchise wellness centers. His career includes renown as a writer, biohacker, and activist. Mr. Kroupa and his work have been featured in over 100 books, films, television reports, and a wide spectrum of periodicals including Wired, Forbes, the New Yorker, Time, Rolling Stone, NY Magazine, Esquire, Radar, Details, and MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies).

Mr. Kroupa has worked with Ibogaine for nearly 20 years and feels that that is morally and ethically imperative to expand ibogaine treatment availability throughout the world. He is regularly featured as a speaker at psychedelics and harm reduction conferences.

Dr. Alberto Sola

Director, Medical Director

Even before he began his medical studies, Dr. Sola had a passion for helping people. As a medical student, he learned he could help by healing. His passion for healing has never been more productive than in his desire to help free those chained by the disease of addiction.

Dr. Alberto Solà is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and the head of medical operations in the Clear Sky Recovery Centre. As the Medical Director of Universal Ibogaine, he works to ensure the

medical procedures and equipment that are integral to the "Safety Protocol" that is part of the ibogaine treatment program that is proprietary to the Company. (a Patent Pending Protocol).

In 2004, Dr. Solà began training with Dr. Deborah Mash in St. Kitts. Dr. Mash is one of the world's leading ibogaine researchers. Under her direct supervision, he established a detox center in Cancun where he has personally administered thousands of ibogaine treatments to date. As of 2018, Dr. Sola is one of the world’s experts in medically-based ibogaine treatment; he has more clinical experience with safe and effective ibogaine administration than any other M.D. in the world today.

Brian Ast


Brian Ast brings significant experience in infrastructure finance, project development, equity and debt underwriting, and public-private partnerships to his role at Universal Ibogaine. With over 30 projects developed, he excels at Public Sector/Private Sector partnerships and the development of alternatives to conventional procurement practices that build or maintain public infrastructure.

As Universal Ibogaine grows in influence, the experience will help to develop important government sector relationships that lay the groundwork for the expansion of Universal Ibogaine projects and the growth of Ibogaine clinics. Brian Ast has the background and experience to work towards mutual benefit with the Company and the government and its agencies as the goal of stopping the opioid crisis shapes a definitive action plan.